It’s our pleasure to know about customer satisfaction through our services.


30 years has passed from the foundation while we are providing various solutions through dealing with a lot of customers. We are marking result on society certainly.
Now, the world is aiming for sustainable society from the natural environment and resources point of view. However, it’s not only for the natural world, but also society which is sustainable in both economy and businesses would be desirable. Today, the leading role in the society is varying rapidly.

It’s not desirable society that only the person in the particular position becomes a winner of competition.

We hopes to society that flexible-group with coexistence is able to have durability.


  Customer’s delight leads our advantage.

  Sustaining company operation means sustaining satisfactory job for staffs.

  Staffs satisfaction leads customer’s satisfaction.


We believe that relationship-building of happiness for customers, company and staffs is important thing.

To achieve it, thing doing by each staff is concur with customer’s demand deeply and figure out the solution by professional point of view, and suggest it to customer, and provides the services by responding to their expectations always.

Treats human connection, it leads wisdom and creates new value.

We always consider customer’s demand from customer’s point of view, and always makes satisfactory result which is useful in the future society, it’s our aim.

We will continue to practice diligence as giving joy is pleasure of our job.


Kazumi Tomizawa / President
Kazumi Tomizawa



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