We are accumulating huge knowhow day by day through a lot of development

achievements in the region of  Aerospace systems, and we

are providing the high quality software to customers.


  Involved projects: ATC(Air Traffic Control) Data Processing System

Satellite Ground  Segment Software

Spaceborne Software


2. Embedded Systems

Supports the embedded software developments in the wide region such as 

Communication devices, Transport vehicles, Audio Visual products,

Amusement equipments, etc.

  Involved projects: Access Control Systems
Building Management Systems
Car Navigation Systems

Digital TV tuner Firmware

Secure-Chip’s OS

Manuscripts operation panel hardware for breaking news

Digital Camcorder

Train Control Systems



Our dealing business covers wide region.

Especially we have long term experiences for the public systems for public-broadcasting company

and  public-service corporation.  And our technologies are supporting Information Systems which

supports Huge and Social Infrastructure.


  Involved projects: Coverage data inquiry system for assurance companies
Aircraft parts procurement system
Disaster prevention data collecting and sharing system for property management companies

Accounting Systems for public-service corporation

SCM(Supply Chain Management) system for trading company

TV-schedule producing and transmission system

Call Center system for broadcasting station

International phone call billing system

Real-time disaster prevention  data dissemination system


4. ERP

We provide involvement in development and consultation from client’s ERP introduction phase.

Also provide maintenance and improvement.  Especially for Enterprise Resource Planning System

developments, we can make use of achievement of SAP R/3, OracleEBS’s development experiences.


  Achievements: OracleEBS Accounting System
Backbone Package(SAP R/3) for Sales and Accounting


5. System Operation

  System Operation: Provides high quality on-site operation services.Our expertise  supports system setup, management, trouble shooting etc.
For System supervision service, we improves system’s stability by our accumulated know-how.
  Customer Support: Provides On-site service for Call-Center, Field Support etc.
Also provides Help-desk, trouble shooting for PC, Network etc.
  Data Center Operation: 365/24/7 Supports for whole of Data Center’s functions.
  Achievements: Notes(Groupware) : Operation & Maintenance
Broadcast Station’s data analysis and statistics services support
Emergency advices system development, Operation, Maintenance and Supervision.

Newscast’s backbone System & Network Operation and Supervision

Intranet’s customer support

Help-desk for sales support devices

Data Center operation and Supervision


6. Mobile

  Mobile software Provides mobile application developments necessary for various business scene.Also provides web site developments for mobile applications.
  Supported Platforms: iOS, Android, Brew, Tizen, Windows Mobile
  Achievements: Mobile Sales Report Tool
Catalogue Apps for Bridal Service and Real-Estate
Navigation System for Tablet.
  Mobile Service
There might be possibility to cut the monthly cost and improve use of efficiency of devices. This service suggests best plan by analysis of past bills.*Only for corporate users.


7. Closed Caption Productions

Produces Closed Caption(CC) for TV programs.

Provides high quality CC which based on over 20 years experiences.

  Achievement:  Caption TV Program for Hearing Impaired persons.
  Major Clients:  NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corp.)



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