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Link Information Systems Co., Ltd. (LIS) started Compilation and Production service of a Company history as digital data by MediaWiki of open-source in January 2014.

Traditionally, it has not been opened for public, because Company History has been made as not for sale. Thus, reader is limited so far. Although books cannot be using Search, there is a lot of useful information. Wiki provides a lot of benefit (Search information, Easy adding new themes & articles and more).

Digital creativity can be distributing through internet by various format. LinkWiki* is suitable for not only company history, but also various records in various organizations.




Note: Currently, Japanese version only, English version is on the way.


Reference Price in Japan:


 Basic Price+Tax

 Volume of contents


General Support

Start from 500K JPY

Approx. 100 pages

Approx. 6 month

Premium Support

Start from 1M JPY

(Includes interview to collect articles.

Price will be varying, please ask for an estimation.

Over 100 pages


4 month and more

Note: Above information is for customer s in Japan. Price will be varying by region & country.

 All contents are subject to change without prior notice.

 * LinkWiki is registered trademark of Link Information Systems Co., Ltd. in Japan


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