Information Communication Technology (ICT) continues to make rapid advances and is becoming ubiquitous in our society to the point that it is now deeply entwined into our social fabric. Since our inception in 1977, we’ve been making continuous efforts to earn and maintain our customers’ trust. During this time, we’ve been proud to count many satisfied customers while building a family of over 300 employees as we celebrate over 30 years of success. As the world shrinks in size and distance, the information flow and complexity of problems, as well as choice of solutions, grows continually larger. This is both an opportunity and an obstacle, however, by successfully managing these issues together we can ensure our bright future. Only by constantly striving to create trusted networks and develop “Best Practices” can we ensure Total Customer Satisfaction. This is especially important as well as difficult in the rapidly changing environment which we all face. Achieving this requires not only a supportive environment but deep and continuously challenging training programs. Although all companies, including LIS, strive for Total Customer Satisfaction we feel that our approach is unique in that we believe that by treating our employees as our most valued asset, their motivation to serve our customers and build their skill sets is greatly enhanced. In this way, we have found that happy employees and satisfied customers are not mutually exclusive, but, in fact, tightly bound together. Total Customer Satisfaction is ensured through motivated and empowered employees. By forging a strong Link between the collective wisdom of our customers and the power of our technologies, we seek to contribute to a peaceful, harmonious and bountiful society.

Kaoru Tanaka



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