Company Name: Link Information Systems Co., Ltd.
Established : April 1, 1977
Founder : Takashi Kato
Capital: 50 million JPY (as of Nov. 2000)
Employees: 334 (as of 2017 fiscal year)
Net Sales: 3620 million JPY (as of 2017 fiscal year)
Main Banks: SMBC
Mizuho Bank
Risona Bank
Affiliated companies: Link IT Co., Ltd
Link Information System (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Wisdom Co. Ltd.
Main Clients: NHK(Japan Broadcasting Corporation), NHK Media Technology, NHK Global Media Services, NHK Academy of Distance Learning, NHK Business Services, NEC, NEC Aerospace Systems, NEC Solution Innovators, Marubeni Infomations Systems , Marubeni IT Solutions , Mori Building, Mitsubishi Chemical Engineering, FRICS(Foundation of River & BasinIntegrated Communications), Hitachi Solutions, J-DS(Japan Digital BroadcastingEngineering Systems), IMAGICA, Broadcasting Movies Production, TOSHIBA, TOSHIBA Information Systems, FL-LINK, Association for Electric Home Appliances, Radio Engineering & Electronics Association, Satori Electric, Softbank Telecom,
NTT Communications, etc.*In no particular order.

Organization Chart


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